Types and Cultures of Human/Spirit Intimacy 1

Human/Spirit intimacy has been depicted in many cultures and times through art, dance, poetry, music, folklore and literature, as well as in spiritual and religious texts.

Top Row: Interpretations of Greek mythology. The goddess Aphrodite with Adonis (left), two images of the Greek god, Zeus, seducing human women–as a swan, with Leda (middle) and as a “shower of gold” with Danae (right).

Middle Row: Christian tradition, including the erotic/spiritual “ecstasy” of Saint Teresa d’Avila (left) and two images of the Annunciation (and impregnation) of Virgin Mary (middle, right).

Bottom Row: Celtic and Northern traditions. Connla and the Fairy maiden (left), a postage stamp from the Faroe Islands showing a selky (seal woman) with her human husband/captor (middle), the fairy Rhiannon who had a human consort (right).